Ceramic Artifacts


The breathtakingly beautiful design on them gives these fountains a classy look that blends well with a wide range of decors. These ceramic indoor fountains each are unique and will not lose their vibrancy as they are crafted from fine quality.


·        A simple and modern indoor water fountain made of ceramics, which can be used as a lucky decoration in homes and offices

·        The best feature of fountains is that these can be transportable from room to room so that you can enjoy the sound of moving water wherever you are.

·        Décor with led lighting-this led-lit waterfall fountain is truly an ideal blend of contemporary modern design, Zen elements, and Natural charm, and it offers the tranquil and meditative sounds of running waters for a calming ambiance

·        Vastu-Friendly indoor fountains.

  •  Length- 14.8cm
  • Width-10.4cm
  • Height-28.8cm
  • Weight-1.5kg
  • Color- Terracotta


  • Clean the fountain with soft and dry cloth and handle with firm hands.
  • Ideal Size, Easy to Maintain, Relaxing and Pleasing, Promotes a Good and Positive Environment


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