Dhokra Art –Goddess Statue


Goddess Statue Dhokra (Dokra) Art, the traditional art of lost-wax metal technique. Created with pure brass this home decor wall art adds elegant and traditional charm to your home or office.

Dhokra Art also known as Dokra art is practiced in India for 4000 years. Dhokra is among the oldest traditional techniques of metal casting. You can find the earliest use of this metal casting can be seen in the artifact of Mohenja Daro. The dancing girl of Mohenjo Daro (2300-1750 BC)  is showcased in National Museum, New Delhi.

  • This Dhokra Art “Dhokra Art – Goddess Statue” is a Dhokra style of art
  • Dhokra  art is a traditional tribal art made by lost wax techniques
  • Artwork is made on brass metal
  • Art work measurement is Width 8 cm and Height 24 cm
SIZE : Width – 8 cm,  Height 24 cm
MEDIUM : Brass
CRAFT : Dhokra
COLOUR Dull Brass
CARE : Use a clean cloth to wipe the dust.


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